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Aegis Dental Blog

How to Help Your Child Stop Using Their Pacifier

February 22, 2023

Toddler in a crib sucking on a pacifier

As your child grows, they’ll reach all kinds of milestones. Going to kindergarten, graduating from school, maybe even going off to college—one of the greatest privileges of being a parent is getting to be there for these moments.

However, your child may be more excited about some milestones than others. If you have a toddler or young child, you might have heard that it can be bad for their teeth’s development for them to suck on a pacifier past a certain age. That said, getting some kids to stop is much easier said than done. Here’s what you should know about the effect of pacifiers on kids’ oral health, and how you can wean them off of one.


5 Reasons to Schedule a Dental Checkup Early in the Year

January 13, 2023

Close-up of a woman having teeth examined by a dentist

Experts recommend visiting the dentist at least twice a year for routine checkups and cleanings. If you haven’t already scheduled a dental appointment for 2023, now is the perfect time to do so. There are several advantages to having your first dental checkup of the year completed as early as possible; here are just 5 examples.


What Cosmetic Bonding Can Do For You

December 14, 2022

adult woman smiling outside

If you’re interested in enhancing your smile, the good news is that you don’t have to get some extensive/expensive procedure. Sometimes, the smallest change can make the biggest difference. No treatment demonstrates this better than cosmetic bonding (also referred to as direct bonding). In a single appointment, it can fix all types of flaws to make them seem like they were never there in the first place. Plus, the treatment is so gentle that you won’t even need local anesthetic! Here’s a brief list of what cosmetic bonding can do to give you the look you’ve always wanted.


Should You Go To the Dentist Without Dental Insurance?

December 2, 2022

young woman thinking against peach background

While some people worry about physical discomfort when visiting the dentist, others are more concerned about the potential expense, especially if they don’t have dental insurance. This causes many to avoid attending appointments at all. However, unintuitively, going to the dentist without insurance can actually help someone save money in many instances. How so? Read on to learn how you can get the affordable dental care you need without having to rely on insurance.


4 Reasons Why Cosmetic Dentistry is For Everyone, Not Just Celebrities!

November 15, 2022

a red carpet and rope

When most people think of cosmetic dentistry, they think of the dental veneers dawned by Tom Cruise and reality TV stars, which makes these practical treatments seem unachievable to them. Countless average Americans are able to benefit from cosmetic dental treatments every year, addressing common aesthetic smile flaws like tooth discoloration and damage. If you find yourself admiring the smiles on the red carpet from a distance, thinking that you could never achieve one that bright and brilliant, think again! Read on to learn four reasons why cosmetic dentistry is for everyone, not just celebrities!


The Top 3 Things Seniors Should Do to Take Care of Their Teeth

October 12, 2022

Portrait of smiling serene senior woman in a garden

When they get older, people tend to take their health more seriously than they did before. You might find yourself taking better care of your body, but your oral health is just as important. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so here are three dental hygiene tips to help seniors stop oral health problems before they start.


Tips for Enjoying Coffee the Healthy Way!

September 6, 2022

Woman enjoying a cup of coffee.

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages on the planet, with a whopping 400 billion cups downed annually! But as popular and beloved as coffee is, it’s not exactly great for your smile and is notorious for causing various oral health issues. That said, do you have to give up coffee entirely to have a healthy and bright smile? Not necessarily! In celebration of National Coffee Day this September 29th, here’s more from your dentist about how coffee influences your dental health and some tips for enjoying it in a healthier fashion.


4 Ways to Promote Your Child’s Oral Health During School Lunch

August 3, 2022

child enjoying school lunches in Carrollton

While you’ll want to prepare your little one for the school year with supplies and clothes, you should also ensure they maintain healthy teeth. One of the main ways to preserve their smile is by having them stick to a well-balanced diet. This can be difficult when there are plenty of sugary and starchy foods served during their school lunches. To promote their oral well-being, here are four ways you can help keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong when mealtime comes!


6 Complications of Ill-Fitting Dentures

June 15, 2022

closeup of dentist holding dentures

Dentures are one of the most popular solutions for tooth loss – and there’s a very good reason for that. Not only will allow you to enjoy a complete and fully functioning smile once again, but they’ll help restore your confidence as well. Of course, you must keep in mind that they’re not a permanent method of tooth replacement. You must take proper care of them to prevent them from becoming ill-fitting. Otherwise, it could lead to serious problems down the line. In this blog post, we’ll explain six complications that can arise from ill-fitting dentures.


Does Facial Swelling Warrant a Visit to the Dentist?

April 26, 2022

Woman with a swollen face

Seeing an emergency dentist for facial swelling in Carrollton may not seem like the immediate course of action. After all, shouldn’t you rush to the emergency room for medical attention? The answer to this question is that it depends. In this article, a local expert will discuss what you should look for to know when it’s time to seek help from a dental professional and when to head to a local ER.

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