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Aegis Dental Blog

Does Facial Swelling Warrant a Visit to the Dentist?

April 26, 2022

Woman with a swollen face

Seeing an emergency dentist for facial swelling in Carrollton may not seem like the immediate course of action. After all, shouldn’t you rush to the emergency room for medical attention? The answer to this question is that it depends. In this article, a local expert will discuss what you should look for to know when it’s time to seek help from a dental professional and when to head to a local ER.


Can I Switch From Dentures to Dental Implants?

April 3, 2022

woman with dental implants

Living with traditional prosthetics may seem fine at first but after years of wear, you might feel like switching to an alternative, more superior option. Oftentimes, the challenges that come with removable teeth can make it difficult to enjoy your new smile. So is it possible to transition from dentures to dental implants? Learn how the process is possible and what you can expect as you move toward a healthier, happier, more fully functional smile.


How Long Will It Take to Adjust to Implant Dentures?

February 25, 2022

man thinking and wondering about adjusting to implant dentures

After years of wearing traditional dentures, you’ve decided it’s time to spring for implant dentures. If you think way back, you can recall how strange your prosthetic teeth felt at first. It took a lot of getting used to, especially when you ate or spoke, and you wonder how you’ll adjust to having implant dentures. Will it take a long time?

The good news is that it should be much easier to transition to implant dentures! Each patient adjusts on their own timeline; however, those who experienced tooth loss recently will likely need less time. Patients who have gone years with dentures or without restorations at all will probably require more time to adapt to having a full, strong smile again.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you begin treatment to help you adjust as quickly as possible to your new teeth.


4 Questions to Ask During Your Dental Implant Consultation

December 24, 2021

Man listening to dentist during implant consultation in Carrollton

Your dental implant consultation is the most pivotal component of the entire process. You want to replace your missing teeth with permanent prosthetics, but you must first meet with your dentist to undergo an initial examination and imaging, ensure you’re eligible for treatment, and determine the finalized budget for your new smile. While you’ll be required to do much listening during this appointment, you should also be prepared to ask plenty of questions. Here are four you should incorporate into your initial visit so you can feel confident about your decision to move forward with dental implants.


4 Types of Tooth Pain Your Emergency Dentist Should Monitor

November 24, 2021

Woman holding her cheek and dealing with tooth pain in Carrollton

Tooth pain in Carrollton can be bothersome, especially when you don’t know what is causing it. You might think it is something that will go away on its own, but the reality is that most of the time, you need a professional to examine the issue and provide appropriate treatment. Here are four types of tooth pain your emergency dentist should monitor to help you avoid more serious oral health problems over time.


3 Things You Should Know When Visiting an Emergency Dentist Without Insurance

October 11, 2021

young patient seeing an emergency dentist in Carrollton

Do you need to see an emergency dentist for severe tooth pain? While taking this step is certainly warranted and preferred, you may be somewhat hesitant because you don’t have dental insurance. Should you put it off and hope the problem goes away? Should you inquire about other available payment options? Here are three things you should know if you are uninsured and needing emergency dental care.


3 Reasons to Maximize Your Dental Benefits Before the End of the Year

September 18, 2021

Couple discussing benefits with dental staff member

When it comes to understanding how dental insurance works, most people admit that they rely on staff members to help them navigate the verbiage and process. It is also believed that when individuals understand the importance of using their benefits, they are more likely to go to the dentist for preventive care. If you want to learn how to maximize your dental insurance benefits in Carrollton before the end of the year, here are 3 reasons to consider.


The Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Veneers

August 1, 2021

woman undergoing the veneer process in Carrollton

Considering dental veneers to hide various imperfections? This unique cosmetic treatment option is popular among Hollywood’s elite as well as those who are busy working professionals and even stay-at-home parents. Adults living with chips, stains, minor gaps, misshapen teeth, misalignments, cracks, and discoloration can easily transform their appearance with the help of these customizable restorations, but do you know what you can expect when preparing to receive them? Before you commit to moving forward, here is a step-by-step breakdown of the veneer process in Carrollton.


Should I Replace My Missing Teeth with a Partial Denture or Dental Bridge?

July 15, 2021

a digital image of a dental bridge in Carrollton

When comparing partial dentures in Carrollton to dental bridges, you will discover there are many great benefits to both. Their ability to restore your smile and provide greater functionality and an enhanced appearance will leave you feeling better than before. But can one do more than the other? As you contemplate how you plan to replace your missing teeth, consider the differences between these two options and which one might be better for your needs.


Why Is It Necessary to Have a Tooth Removed?

June 2, 2021

an extracted tooth and various dental instruments lying on a table next to a face mask

You are visiting your dentist for a regular checkup and cleaning. After discussing the status of your oral health, you learn it is necessary to undergo tooth extraction in Carrollton. If this news catches you off guard, you may be thinking, “why does my dentist suddenly want to remove one of my teeth?” This can certainly be surprising information for some, especially if you’re not experiencing any pain or “issues.” So what are the reasons for this type of procedure? A local dentist explains why tooth extractions are necessary and what you can expect when preparing for your upcoming procedure.

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